Drafting Services

Drawing Conversions2D Drafting (CAD)

Whether you are a design professional trying to meet the next project deadline or a homeowner starting a renovation project, Infinite Drafting can accommodate all your drafting needs. Using the latest industry software, we will provide you with a complete set of professional-looking drawings for your project.




Sample Render3D Modeling (BIM)

Utilizing the power of BIM technology, Infinite Drafting will transform your new or existing project into a fully parametric 3D model.

A well-built 3D model is an invaluable tool during any phase of a project as it allows you to generate all the plans, elevations, sections, details and 3D views without having to redraw each one separately whenever there is a change to the design. Accurate, up-to-date schedules, reports and material take-offs are also generated from the ‘live’ model, meaning that there are less surprises during construction.



Real Estate sampleReal Estate Plans

Give the potential home or property buyer a clearer picture of the space by providing a thorough yet simple set of floor plans. We will measure each floor of the property and get the completed plans back to you with a quick turnaround. Each room is labeled with name and overall dimensions. Additional information, including photos, can be provided if requested. Please contact us to get our competitive rates.




House measuring greenSite Measuring

The first step in producing a set of as-existing plans is to accurately measure up all the existing buildings, structures and spaces on the property. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail during this process.  We use traditional and laser measuring equipment to ensure the measurements are precise. At the same time we will photograph all the elements and spaces on the property. The measurements and photos are then used to produce a full set of as-existing plans, ready for you to take the project to the next step.



As Built sample2As-Built / As-Existing Plans

Following the thorough site measuring process, we will produce a clear and accurate set of plans and elevations for the existing elements in your project. Depending on the project requirements, we can show locations and types of walls, openings, structure, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, millwork, finishes, exits, fire safety equipment, signage, lighting, parking, etc.

A good set of as-existing plans is an essential step in the renovation process as it documents existing building uses, areas, and construction types, and is generally a requirement for most building permit applications.


Report sampleSite Survey Reports

Knowing all the ins and outs of a property from the beginning will help mitigate delays and additional costs associated with unexpected site conditions or municipal requirements. If requested, our thorough site survey report will accompany the as-existing plans, pulling together all the information gathered during that phase. Additionally, the report will highlight all the features of the site including a list of authorities having jurisdiction, project contacts, zoning requirements, utilities, existing conditions, surrounding features, historical features, maps, required permits, and other information as required.

A good quality site survey report acts as an excellent ‘before’ picture of a project and helps get the project completed on time and on budget.


House model on a plan of a house constructionHand-Drafted Plans converted to 2D CAD or 3D BIM

Convert your original paper plans or blueprints to a complete set of 2D CAD files. Electronic CAD files offer greater flexibility and are essential for the building permit application process. Go one step further and have your plans modeled using 3D BIM software, ready for visualization and taking advantage of all that BIM has to offer.




Blueprint and construction2D CAD Plans converted to 3D BIM

Unleash the power and flexibility of BIM technology by converting your 2D CAD drawings to a 3D BIM model. From this new model we can easily create high-quality renderings and walkthroughs, presentation plans and marketing documents, in addition to an updated set of the submitted plans, elevations, sections, etc.




Standard conversionImperial and Metric Conversions

Any drawing file can be easily and seamlessly converted from imperial (feet and inches) to metric, or from metric to imperial.





Digital Graphics File Format IconsFile Type Conversions

Infinite Drafting can convert your drawings to and from a number of formats.  Please contact us to see if your file can be converted.